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Hit and Run Resulting in Death

County: Berkeley County, WV

Location: Intersection of Warm Springs Ave. & Edwin Miller Blvd.

Victim: Michael D. Kilmer, 32

Suspect: Unknown

Date of Accident: 9-4-2018

Reward: $5000.00


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Owner, Editor, Publisher and floor washer, Dan Mace

President Biden quashed a rule proposed by the Trump Administration that would require American schools to disclose any connections, financial and otherwise, to Chinese Communist Party or state-run programs. Continued...

This is a video of the rover NASA Rover landing on Mars and a 12 second clip of the first ever audio recording from Mars.

This brought back a lot of memory's for me growing up in the 50s and 60s, the era of B Sci Fi movies about invaders from Mars and other planets. At night, we would lie back on the roof tops of our NYC apartment building, stare up at the sky and hold countless in depth conversations about Mars and Martians. Orson Welles of course did the famous War of the Worlds on Halloween night, 1938. My Dad was about 9 years old when Welles threw the country into terror and panic with is radio show. Dads response was to grab a kitchen knife, run up on the roof of his apartment building and wait for the Martians to come to do battle with them. Continued...

Fox News reports American Airlines confirmed a pilot on flight 2292 radioed a report of a UFO. Continued...

Vaccinations and Confusion

   West Virginia ranks as one of highest vaccination rates in the world yet the distribution of those vaccines here are in question. According to statistics (remember when they actually meant something?) the Eastern Panhandle is lagging in how many get the vaccination. Berkeley and Jefferson Counties have gotten the fewest number of vaccines according to reports.  There has been comments made by lawmakers that the number of sick and those inoculated were nothing more then guesses on the part of some lawmakers. Since we try to always report only the facts we won't engage in speculation or guesses but it is being investigated now and we will wait for the facts to come out... if they ever really do.

No state taxes for West Virginia?

Being considered now is move to turn off the state taxes for many West Virginia residents while raising the rate for businesses. The exact information in the plan is still being talked about and nothing definite is set in stone as of this time.

Cal wants to make LSD and Magic Mushrooms legal. I won't even comment on this.

'Operation Choke Point'

The Obama administration put into effect a rule that states, "banks should conduct risk assessment of individual customers . rather than make broad-based decisions affecting whole categories or classes of customers, when provisioning access to services, capital and credit." It puts pressure on banking to discriminate against whole industries the government dislikes such as fire arm manufacturers. Trump counter acted the rule and Biden now wants to bring it back.

New plan for downtown Martinsburg parking...

On Monday, March 1, W. Harley Miller Contractors will begin the Martinsburg Train Station Corridor Streetscape Enhancement Project. This project will require rolling street closures. The contractor will first close off White Avenue at the intersection of Burke Street going past the Caperton Train Station and ending at approximately 213 E. Martin Street on Monday. Thank you for your patience.