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by Weeze Mace

Art by Weeze

BRRRRRR! We had a COLD February!  We made it to March and this month I would like to introduce you to a very talented local artist, Eddie Thiel.

Weeze: Hi Eddie, I’m very happy you are joining us as this month’s artist, so let’s jump right in…what is your art background and education?

Eddie: I have been interested in drawing and painting since I was a Child. I had a great art teacher in high school. I graduated from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1994. I started painting seriously in 2004 because I was not very accomplished at it and it was a challenge to me.

Weeze: What is your passion and how did you get started with it?

Eddie: I think the most important thing to me is to bring a little beauty into the world. There is so much of it that we miss in an average day. I had to get past estimating my talent level to others and just challenge myself to try harder everyday as a painter to improve. Like any discipline you just have to take that first step.

Weeze: What is your preferred medium and do you also work in other mediums?

Eddie: I work a great deal with oil paint. I do pencil sketches to work out proportions on the canvas. I also enjoy watercolors for quick studies.

Weeze: Tell us a little about your studio/workspace and your painting process.

Eddie: My studio is not very large, but has good light. I have a chair, an easel, and a pallet that I cover with aluminum foil. I keep it organized which is the hardest part. I start a painting with either a photograph or a still life set up in my studio. I start with a rough drawing to figure out spacing and light. Then I do a pretty detailed drawing on the canvas and then block in my paint. It takes a long time. I spent over 300 hours on one painting!

Weeze: How do you select the themes you paint?

Eddie: The subject always follows the source. If the light is right in a photo and the detail is good it works best. I always paint things I am interested in. I have to craft in my mind the reason for putting in the time to do it right.

Weeze: Do you have one big idea or theme that you hope to paint some day?

Eddie: I want to capture the expanse of the west and the desert. There is a solitary beauty in being in ones own mind under a blanket of stars and sand cooling under your feet. That is the place you feel most alive, away from outer influences left to your own thoughts.

Weeze: What sparks your creativity, makes the wheels in your head start turning?

Eddie: Seeing artwork that amazes me. Things I tell myself I could never create. I challenge myself to figure out why and how it was created.


Weeze: A singer notices a talented vocalist, a carpenter notices a well built house, what do you notice?

Eddie: People. The human condition is what inspires me. The universe within is the most gorgeous thing on earth.

Weeze: What does “success” look like to you?

 Eddie: I would say contentment. Not in a lazy way. Just realizing you are doing things that you love and you have a purpose in doing them.

Weeze: What did you want to be when you grew up?

Eddie: A writer.

Weeze: What brings you joy?

Eddie: Spending time in my own mind. Seeing happiness in other people. Seeing the potential of hard work. Going out for a long run.

Weeze: What do you geek out about?

Eddie: Old cars.

Weeze: What are you currently creating?

Eddie: I am working on an oil painting of a cowboy.

Weeze: Where can our readers see more of your works, in person and/or online?

Eddie: Eddie Thiel Gallery on facebook.

Weeze: Do you currently have an exhibit open or planning one in 2021?

Eddie: Not at the moment. Hopefully things will pick up in the summer.

Weeze: Do you accept commissions and if yes please provide contact information

Eddie: Yes I love to do them. is my email. 

Weeze: Is there anything else you would like to add and let our readers know about?

Eddie: Don’t ever stop learning and doing the things you are passionate about!

Weeze: Thank you Eddie for agreeing to do this article and for making it fun.

Now, readers, you have been introduced to Eddie Thief, local artist. To show your support and see more works as he creates them please follow Eddie on Facebook.

Take care and see you in April!

Contact: Berkeley Arts Council



Call for Artists:  PHOTO 21 National Juried Photographic Art Exhibit

The Berkeley Arts Council invites artists to participate in PHOTO 21, a national juried photographic art exhibit to be held June 3 - July 3, 2021.  The exhibit is open to all artists throughout the continental United States, over the age of 18, working in any photographic medium or technique (digital, film, alternative, or antique photographic processes).  The theme for the exhibit is open; 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional* artwork is welcome.  Work must be original, completed within the last three (3) years, and must not have been exhibited previously at the Berkeley Art Works. (*3-D work where a photographic technique is used as the main medium.) 

Our juror is Robert M. Hein, Associate Professor of Art at Frostburg State University, Frostburg, MD, where he teaches Photography, History of Photography, Digital Imaging, and Mixed Media.  In his teaching, he emphasizes the development of technical proficiency, the ability to work with traditional and digital media, knowledge of the history of the photographic medium, and a visual literacy in contemporary and historical artists' work.  About his own work he states, “I believe the photograph to be a pliable form of art, not necessarily defined by pre-existing standards for what makes a photograph true to its medium. I do not have a strict agenda to process for my personal work, and I don't find myself traveling extensively, or working with exotic subject matter to find content. Each project tends to have individual ideas I am interested in pursuing.”  Professor Hein has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Ball State University and a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Cincinnati.  He was awarded the Maryland State Arts Council Individual Artist Award in 2012 and 2015 and was a semi-finalist in the Gran Prix De La Decouverte, Paris, France.  His work was included in the Masur Museum’s 58th Annual Competition, The Print Center of Philadelphia’s 88th Annual International Competition, and has had solo exhibitions in our region.  He has also been a guest speaker at the Washington County Museum of Fine Arts and the Allegany Arts Council.

The entry fee for the exhibit is $35 for the first two works.  Artists may submit one or two additional works for $10 each for a maximum of four works.  Awards will be given for Best in Show ($500) and others, for a total of $1,000 in prizes.  More information, deadlines, and instructions for submitting work are on the Berkeley Arts Council Web site,

The Berkeley Arts Council is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in West Virginia working to ensure that Berkeley County has a vibrant, vital arts environment by promoting awareness, understanding and appreciation of the literary, visual and performing arts in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia.  The Berkeley Arts Council supports local and regional artists, brings quality arts experiences to the community, and provides a wide range of arts learning experiences for local residents, artists and artisans.